Friday, December 07, 2012

The Letter, Part 3: French Kate

Today is the final segment in Amy's section "The Letter" before we turn back to Diana and Widow Ricketts to see how the discovery of oil has changed their lives for the better. Hope you enjoy!

French Kate: Revenge

I have no idea how that bitch found us.  That dumb girl must have told her family where she was going and somehow figured it out.  Well she ain’t getting that girl.  Not now.  If I was smart, I’d just have Ben go up there and finish her off.  She’s so green, we’ll have to break her.  She’s a fighter, but that don’t matter.  I can break any girl down.  Ben will want to kill her.  I can tell just by looking at him as he stands looking out the broken glass, clutching his bruised knuckles.  But, I don’t kill the girls.  It’s not worth it. I am many things, but not a murderer.

Instead, I’ll just let him go upstairs and get rough with her.  That way, when they come back, if they come back (I’ll bet they’ll be afraid to come), they’ll see our work here is done.  She ain’t coming back anymore.  She’s a changed girl. 


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