Saturday, December 08, 2012

500 Days - The Girls Who Would Be Birds, Part 4

It's difficult to tell such a twisting story as 500 Days, but hopefully, some of you are able to follow these narratives as they weave in and out.  Today, the story switches from Amy and her mother and father back to Diana and Widow Ricketts. 

Diana, the Water Carrier

The trail from Widow Ricketts house to the creek is stony and wet. I've walked its course six or seven times today. It's not a far way to go and we need the water to do the wash. If we don't keep the wash going folks will start to suspect. Folks will start to ask questions. Widow Ricketts, I mean, Emmy, wants to keep up the charade at least for today. At least until she can figure out a plan.  The sun beats down on the stones in the path making them sparkle clean in the sun and I’m so intrigued by their beauty I startle when I see the girl crouched at the creek. She's bent over, her shoulders shaking.

So as not to scare her I say real loud. “Nice weather we having ain't we?”  Then, she looks up. Her eyes are blackened, her lip swollen and bloody, likely by the hand of Big Ben or some other pimp. Worse yet, it coulda been a John.

“Hi,” she say real low so as I couldn't hear her more than a whisper.

“Don't mean to pry but are you alright? You need some help?” I say in return. 

“No, it done.” She say, real empty and right then I know what it she talking about.

“I’m sorry for your loss.”  I say, keeping my eyes low.  Knowing she don’t want to talk anymore about the baby she’s just taken out of herself.  She just nods. 

As I fill up the water jugs, I turn to her and say.  “You know, my friend Emmy, you probably know her as Widow Ricketts?  Well, the strangest thing happened to her today and we are real busy with work because of it.  I’ll bet if you come on up to the house with me, she’d have some work for you?  You interested?  No need to decide now.  Just stop on by Widow Ricketts house if you want.  She’s just right up there on the ridge under them hemlocks trees.  You see it?”

She looked at me uncertainly and gave a slight nod.  I know she can’t just leave her job.  But, I hope she’ll come by.  With that, I scoop up my load of water, place it on my back and hurry up the trail to the house.  Wait until Widow…Emmy hears this story.

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