Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 23: An Invisible Thread

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of walking on the beach in Bodega Bay. The birds were out in full force - pelicans circled the dark waters looking for dinner, sandpipers swarmed the breaking surf. Today's prompt got me thinking about how animals around us continue with or without or historical events. How distant relatives of these birds were likely here to greet the tall ships. Here is my draft for today:

An Invisible Thread

Is stitched between yesterday and today.
Some days when pelicans fly over in
Tight, impossible formations, when sandpipers
Stitch the delicate lace at wave's receding break,
I believe our past is malleable as paper lost
To water or time. Circle back a stitch
And find only remnants, stories re-told
That are as chameleon-like as the sea's surface.
But hope is deep and wide. Who says I can't
Decipher the hidden threads that bind us.

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