Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 19: I Have Envy Enough

For today's prompt I was thinking about the old farm houses around Sonoma County.  You've probably seen them before: wide porched, shuttered homes that usually crowned by two palm trees and a wooden water tower.  (My favorite of these homes is located on Lakeville Highway).  This draft of a poem has one of those old farmhouses in mind. 

I Have Envy Enough

I have envy enough for the net of

swallows that skim and dive through golden air,
for the place their fragile bodies protect:
the white shuttered house already shadowed,
the water tower, the two lonesome palms.

Envy enough for the ridge of tall pines
that seem to hold the wide blue sky aloft
by pointing their crooked wills toward ascent
for the hawks nests they carry year to year
for that searing cry, for the dark lean of

shadows over the house, over the steep
graveled drive that follows the creek out.

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