Sunday, February 12, 2006

I just sent out 8 submissions. It was a bit of a frenzy. I'm procrastinating working on my questions for my comprehensive exam. I try to send out every time I get rejected and I got two rejection letters this week. I wonder if anyone ever feels good about submitting? My poems look so different to me when I am reading them over an trying to decide (usually on a whim) which poems fit the journal or contest I am applying to. They just don't ever seem as shiny and bright as I thought they looked when I finished them! Perhaps others have a method to their madness of submission?


lucette said...

I just sent stuff out, too. I try not to look at things when I send them out, which sometimes works.

erieblue said...

Oh, but that's what I was going to say. Don't read them--print and fold. The funniest thing about submission is sending to someplace that responds really quickly. I remember years ago journal X would respond within a week. And I would plan--when X rejects me, I'll send to Y. That early rejection was so pleasurable. Wierd, huh?