Friday, January 02, 2015

Day 2: Clean

Day 2 brought images of turkey vultures airing their wings in the morning sun and this attempt at a sonnet. 


This morning, turkey vultures arced and spread
their great wings to gather warmth back into
their dark bodies. It’s called “sunbathing” or
“spreading” – a means of getting back what you've 
lost under the dizzy stars of night. Stop
gawking. Think about what slant truths rose up
to meet you last night.  Who wouldn’t wish to
burn clean at dawn?  The nights are growing long
the stars gone sharp in the crisp night air like
so many suspect tunnels offering
a powdery out. We go to sleep in
this skin only to awaken in
another skin. Never saw it coming.
Nothing left to do but rise bath in light. 

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