Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Day 2 - Here I Am Holding

It is the second day of poem-a-daying.  Sometimes, the second day is the hardest!  Today, I was inspired by my drive to work.  How the wet fields glistened with new rain and how one sheep stayed in my mind all day.  Hope you National Poetry Month is off to a wonderful start!
Here I am Holding

Skimming the green, velveteen hills on my drive
to work I see a large muddy sheep own
a low lying field.  She is completely
alone.  Rain has left this place softened and pooled
and she carries the weight of it in the folds
of her unshorn wool.  Sky spindled above.
Split between decisions: one end darkened
as the wet earth, the other lit behind
in syrupy golden light. No one knows
what lies ahead. 
The sharp bend in the road
seems dangerous and small in the dim light.
Tomorrow, the same road under a different sky.
The sheep shorn.  The field dried.  A universe
lost and found in a single morning.

1 comment:

Lakin said...

This is fabulous, Iris! I was right there with you - that sheep, that moment, that turn in the road.