Monday, March 17, 2014

the word edge has wings made of 'e' (revised)

This week, our assignment was to write a poem where we used the circumstances created by weather conditions as our inspiration.  Here, in California, we've had a different winter than most of the country.  Instead of being worn down by one of the coldest winters in years, we've been in an awful drought.  Guiltily enjoying bright blue skies and moderate temperatures as our water tables get lower and lower.  This poem is about Spring after a drought ridden winter in California.  I also recently had to write a bio for Brenda Hillman (she teaching at Napa Valley Writers' Conference this summer) and came across a poem from her new collection Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire, called "After a Very Long Difficult Day".  I loved the poem so much that I had to steal a line (the title is a line stolen from Hillman's poem).  Here is my sonnet/draft:

the word edge has wings made of 'e'
If the bare-boned, old barn, hums against
the green ridge watching valley fields smudge, then
blaze with the yellow flames of mustard flowers. 
If time holds back, a fallible cell wall.  If the stone walls that border crumble.

Then, the cool secret of aquifers must
be swollen as deep as we imagine.

Then, the insatiable grasses are made
of lace and the geese that open the skies
with the careful scalpels of their long necks
must be seaming this wound toward spring.

You ask for boundaries but, instead
the sun sits in a mantle of minutes.

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