Friday, November 08, 2013

Day 8: You Left Me in the Woods

I've always been fascinated by Jack's second wife Charmian.  And this draft explores the deep love she had for her "mate" (as she called him).  Toward the end if his life, Jack (who was very sick from a number of ailments including Lupus), attended a Houdini performance.  Since he was a celebrity, Houndini called him up on the stage.  I've always been fascinated by this episode and how a few years later Houdini would court the mourning Charmian.  Here is my (quick) attempt at a draft.  There is much more to do on this one!

You Left Me in the Woods of this Life

In the last months of Jack's life he saw
Houdini perform at the Orpheum theater.
The audience packed the gold-leafed theater. From it Houdini plucked
Jack, brought him to the stage in a sea of applause. Big boyish grin, bloated, but still appearing strong, Jack stood center before Houdini said the words. Made him disappear.

After Jack's death each night Charmian
played her Steinway piano to the open
mouthed windows. Her notes mingling in the air with the whisper of nervous leaves.

But is would be Houdini who would reappear, not Jack.

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