Monday, January 14, 2013

500 Days - The Letter

I had to take a few days off of editing because I am getting ready to start teaching at a new University (part-time).  It's always exciting to begin the semester, but it is also a lot of work! 

This segment of 500 Days returns to "The Letter"; the story of Amy, her imprisionment and the miraculous letter she wrote to her mother.  In this section, French Kate reflects on the impossibility of Amy's escape. Hope you enjoy it!

French Kate Fixes the Door

The wind that whips through the busted door started to get on my nerves.  How dare that girl.  How dare that damn preacher and those damn fools he brought with him disrupt my business.  It’s taken two boys two hours to fix our door.  We’d had it shipped in all the way from Pittsburgh. What a waste.  To have a door like that kicked in.  Ruined by a ruined girl.  She’ll be good for nothing now anyways.  Once you whore you never come back.  At least not the same.  I know that bitch Widow Ricketts whored back  in Franklin.  I know she hasn’t forgotten what she left.  Now, she acts all high and mighty because she ain’t whoring no more, but I know what she’s not saying.  It don’t leave you.  She ain’t never gonna look at a man in the same way. 

At least with the door fixed there is less wind coming in.  Ben has been out at Salons all night and all day.  He’s probably on a bender and won’t come back ‘til he’s crying and begging for my forgiveness.  What a waste.  I’ll act mad though, if only for the power it’ll hold over him. 

Losing three girls has been hard on business. Good thing Ben put those ads in a few weeks ago.  We should be getting in new recruits from a few more states.  They won’t take long to break.  This last girl was a fluke.  A tough one.  The other ones we’ll break down faster. 

Funny thing is I have no idea how the girl got her momma to come and get her.  Don’t know how she got word to her.  We sealed off the attic so there isn’t any way to get out.  But, once he gets back I’ll have Ben check it again.  We don’t want this kind of mistake happening again.  It’s bad for business.

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