Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Girls Who Would Be Birds, Part 1, Continued 6

Today, is the last segment about Widow Ricketts and Diana before the story switches back to Amy and her mother and it is a day when they make an incredible discovery.  This story is actually one of the "real" stories I gathered from Pit hole about the legendary Widow Ricketts.  I'm not certain she actually exsisted, but it's such an incredible story, I couldn't help writing about it! Hope you enoy!--------------------------------
Widow Ricketts: Impossible Oil
After realizing there ain’t a drop of water we can use to make coffee in this house and feeling a tremendous thirst, I walk back out to the well to see if any water has risen back into it.  When I drop the bucket this time it ain’t dry anymore.  The bucket I pull up is full alright, but not with water, it's full with OIL!  Well, when that happened I just about split my side I let out such a large guffaw. We struck oil?  Well, how do you like that?  I smile right up to heaven first.  As if those grey clouds are George himself.  Then, I run into the house to tell Diana.  She’s still sitting there in her chair, but I tell her to get dressed and come out to see the well.  It’s just impossible to tell, so I tell her she’s got to see it herself.  She puts the clothes I’ve lent her on quickly and meets me outside.  When I show her the bucket full of oil she touches the surface with her finger and places it in her mouth.
That’s oil alright Widow Ricketts.  She smiles.  You is one rich woman now. 
I just look back at her and laugh.  You kidding me? We are business partners now.  I’m gonna need somebody to help me haul this crude up and ship it off for proper payment.  You want the job?
She just looks back at me blank.  Likely, she’s too shocked to reply.
I’ll take that as yes!  I say.  Now that we are business partners, I continue, I’m gonna need you to call me by my first name, Emeline.  People call me Emmy for short.  You think we can start off this partnership with a run for water?  Now that we got oil running in our well, we are plum out of water.  You think you could make a run down to Pithole creek for a few buckets of water? Then, once you get back we can boil up some coffee and have a proper talk about what we plan on doing with all this luck.
With that she just smiled and nodded.  Good glory, I certainly never thought a day like this would come!

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