Sunday, July 01, 2012

Good News and Another Poem-a-Day Project

Last month I got some incredible news.  I got word that Trio House Press and judge Ross Gay had selected my manuscript as the winner of the Trio Award.   It's still really hard to believe!  My book will be called Gold Passage and will hopefully be published later this year or early 2013.  More details soon!

The month of July I will be writing a poem-a-day thanks to the wonderful Promptess  Lisa Cihlar and coordinator Molly Fisk.  Much of my forthcoming book was written as part of simular poem-a-day projects.  So, if you are ready for a summer challenge, follow my blog and write a poem-a-day with me! I'll be posting Lisa's prompts on my blog everyday I write a poem. I'd love the company!

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Lisa Jean said...

Congratulations on the award/book! I love that poem a day proves such fertile ground.