Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wow - moving is, let's just say, disruptive! I've spent the last month unpacking and unpacking. So much time. However, it's amazing what you unearth when you unpack. I found 21 poems I wrote back when I lived in Brooklyn about the bog people. (Don't ask - I think I was reading a lot of Seamus Heaney) and all of these other poems I'd written in graduate school that I hadn't remebered that I had written. I saw finding them as a sign. I need to get my poems in order and my book out. I've been procrastinating long enough. So, that is now my new summer project and probably a lot of what I will be talking about in my blog.

I no longer live in Cleveland, Ohio, anymore. Now, I live in Washington D.C. I think I am still adjusting to my surroundings. We take family outings to the national mall. It's surreal. I am meeting with my old poetry professor at GW on Monday to talk about possible adjunct positions in the Spring or summer (as if I don't already have enough going on!). Then, I'm heading into GW's library to try and kick-start myself back into the Ph.D. study for your exams until your eyes bleed mode. Can't wait.

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