Monday, November 21, 2005

Today I have to write from the voice of Anne More Donne. It's an assignment for class. We are writing a play (or a series of dramatic monologues that are intertwined) and you'd think as a creative writer I'd be excited about it. But it's just daunting. There is no record of anything every having been written by Anne and so everything about her has to be compilled and filled in from what is said (and what is not said) in her famous husband's letters, sermons and poems. What's more, he never mentions her name in any of these texts (the only text which can truely be attributed to having been written about her is her epitaph). Plus, it's not poetry! So, I am procrastinating by blogging. I am not only writing the voice of Anne, but I'll be taking on the voices of Sappho and the Muses as well. No small feat. Wish me luck.

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lucette said...

Doesn't this leave you more free? But maybe this is me as a fiction writer not getting it.